Thursday, June 3, 2010

Victoria's Secret Instant Bronze Spray Review

So, I've really been trying to find a good instant tanner! Since my mom had melanoma(Skin cancer) she really wants me to try and stay out of the sun! So when I got a gift card to VS I saw this and HAD to try it out! So, first of all, it actually makes you brown! Not orange, not yellow, but brown! But I would say if you're really pale to try and stay away. This is more for people that have a slight tint of brown in their skin. Next is the smell. I've tried quite a few instant/gradual tanners and BOY! do they smell! This is the most pleasant smell ever! its smells delicious! and it actually lasts for quite awhile. The smell reminds me of tropical coconuts. Here is a picture of an arm with and without it.

Overall, I would recommend this product. It's not streaky, its actually brown and not orange and it smells yummy! Go pick it up @ your local Victoria's Secret!

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