Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Must-haves!

Here is a quick list of must have items for summer!

A cute pair of shades!

a good sunscreen! I usually only use sunscreen on my face since my body doesn't burn so if anyone knows of a good face sun screen that won't clog your pores let me know! Using regular sunscreen for your face clogs your pores so make sure you wash your face as soon as your out of the sun!

You also wanna achieve that perfect tan so don't forget the tanning oil!

After you're out of the sun you want to use a good moisturizing lotion with aloe to keep that tan longer! This is my favorite and it smells amazing!

Summer dresses are a must this summer!

Your gonna want a pair of cute strappy sandals to go with that dress!

Make sure your nails are always sandal-ready! Neon nail polishes are perfect! Try one of the polishes from China glaze Poolside collection!

Find a flowery or fruity body mist that you can spritz on yourself before and after a day at the beach!

Find a pretty shimmery pink chap stick! Your lips will reflect off the sun!

Hope you guys enjoyed our Summer Must-haves! Let us know if you have any requests!

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