Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nail Polish Goodies!

I've had a recent obsession with my nail lately! So, I decided I would show you a few nail polishes I got and a few designs I've done. These polishes are all by Klean Color. To achieve these looks, I just used a toothpick to individually take a piece of glitter and applied it to my nail. I then added a thick amount of top coat to prevent them from falling off. If you guys have any nail polish request or questions leave a comment:) I'm going shopping this weekend for more glitter polishes! So, more will be up soon! Enjoy!

Color:IV by China Glaze

Color: Grape Pop by China Glaze(don't mind my ugly feet!)

Color:Silver By Claire's(sorry bout the picture quality! This was from my phone! Wish I got a better pic. These nails were CRAZY! like disco balls)

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