Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DIY: Fashion Board

Today's D.I.Y is a Fashion board! All you need to buy is a cork board. (size of your choice) I picked up a pretty big one for around $8 @ Target. You can fill your cork board with clipping of celebrities, models, or whatever else your heart desires. This way, when you need ideas on putting together a trendy outfit, you just take a glance at your Fashion board. I've sectioned off my board into categories. (Note: you want it too look more like a collage so try slanting the pictures.)

I'm currently working on putting my own inspiration board together. I will update when its fuller.

In one corner, I have a section for promo's and coupons. This is really handy because I usually forget about them when I flip through magazines so cutting them out and putting them on my Fashion board makes me remember to use them!

In another corner, I have products I want to buy and try out. When I see ad's as I'm flipping through magazines I just cut them out and it helps me remember what I want.

The next section I have is my hair and makeup inspiration section. I place images of celebrities and models that have cute hair or makeup that I want to try out or make my own spin off of.

Lastly, the biggest section of my whole cork board is my fashion inspiration section! This is where I post pictures of models and celebrities with cute, trendy outfits. Weather I print pictures off the internet, or clip images out of a magazine, this is the most useful part of my Fashion board. A lot of my shopping list ideas come from here too.

I hope you guys enjoyed this D.I.Y! Remember to keep your Fashion Board updated with the latest trends and fashions! Let me know if any of you take this D.I.Y on! I would love to see pictures of your Fashion boards so feel free to send them to me! I will update my blog as I update my board.


  1. Hey Vanessa & Denise, thanks for the nice comments on my blog. I was looking thru yours and I loved the idea of a Lakers makeup look (but it would be better if it were a Cavs one, haha). Just kidding...sort of. Nice blog twins :) love,rebecca

    come visit!

  2. this is a really goo didea, i do a similar thing and have heaps of stuff all stuck in a scarp book looking file. Cool post :)

  3. very cute :)
    love the blog
    great posts :)
    stop by some time! xx


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