Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm back!

Just thought I'd do a quick little update from my trip to Vegas this last weekend. I am always in Vegas because I have family there, but this weekend I went because I had a dance competition. I am a polynesian dancer, for those of you who asked. I ended up getting 2nd place:) which I am extremely happy about. If you guys haven't checked out Makeup Lust , she is also a polynesian dancer and she made it to finals! I went to an outlet there but was only there for alittle bit. I just ended up getting this super cute dress from Roxy. They were having such amazing deals on everything! I regret not getting more! Majority of the store was 50% off! I'm slapping myself in the face right now! This dress was $15.


  1. thanks nessa! i need to give you shout outs! i will on my next post. im working on it now. should be up by tomorrow night. and the kaela dress!!!!


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