Friday, May 28, 2010

Lush Soap Review

I'm off to Vegas for a dance competition till Monday, so I wanted to leave you with a post before I left. This review will be on the soaps from lush! So, as much in love I am with lush, the soap's are the one thing that don't work for me. They always smell super amazing which is a total plus! I've tried God mother, Ice Blue, and Rockstar. They always leave my skin smelling yummy! Even after toweling off! But, all three soaps left my skin feeling super dry! I don't have dry skin either. I have normal to combination skin and I have never had soap dry me out before. So, I was really disappointed! The next is the price! I love how it leaves my skin smelling but I do not want to pay $13 for a piece of soap! So If anybody has any recommendation on a soap that smells good and is more moisturizing then Ice Blue, God mother, and Rockstar PLEASE let me know!

**Here's a tip!! Go to your local lush and tell them that you just want a small sliver of the soap of your choice because you dont want to spend the money on it if its going to dry your skin out. If your lucky and have a nice sales person there, they will let you have a sample! They usually don't give out samples of soap for whatever reason.

Hope this works out for you guys! Let me know if you know of a moisturizing soap from lush! i will definitely try it out! Next trip I'm gonna sample Honey I Washed The Kids, Porridge, and Demon in The Dark..








  1. I like honey i washed the kids and dont find it drying at all xx

  2. AWH! Such a bummer! I love Lush and all their products, and I've never had them dry my skin out.. yet (KNOCK ON WOOD!). Good luck on the search for the perfect soap. (;



  3. I love how this is a two person blog! I haven't really seen a lot of these. I wish you the best at the competition!

    xo, Diana

  4. I don't know if it's ok to ask, but what style do you dance? I don't dance anymore but I LOVE watching others do it. Dance is just amazing!

  5. Both Denise and I are polynesian dancers! :) I won 2nd place this weekend:)


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