Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring flowers makeup tutorial

So, for this look we'll be using the Coastal scents 88 shimmer palette and M.A.C's Beautiful Iris! You can buy the 88 shimmer palette at CoastalScents.com for about $20 which is a great deal! You can find Beautiful Iris at your local M.A.C counter or @ maccosmetics.com for $14.50. I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial! Leave your feedback!

First, you're gonna apply a medium pink to the whole lid of the eye. We used the top color on the fourth from the last column in the Ultra shimmer Palette from Coastal scents. To apply this you're going to want to use a basic eyeshadow brush such as a 239 from M.A.C.

Next, use a pastel purple for the outer corner into the crease. We used Beautiful Iris by M.A.C. You want to use a fluffy blending brush to achieve this look. Try M.A.C's 224 or 226.

Next, you're going to apply the pastel purple to the outer bottom lash line and a lighter pink to the inner tear duct and into the purple. For the pink we used the 2nd row 5th column pink from the Coastal Scents. You want to use a flat angled eyeliner brush such as M.A.C's 266.

To finish up the look, apply a liquid liner and add mascara. Hope you guys enjoyed this look! If you have any request comment below and leave feedback!


  1. thank you so much vanessa and denise for "following!" love your stuff :) keep up the amazing work!

  2. No that tutorial was done by denise...


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