Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mini Haul!

I was sent this shirt by a new clothing line called Rishka Moda. It is a V-neck slim fit tee and features "the city of Los Angeles". This brand is actually described as fashion inspired by the worlds greatest sport....SOCCER! If you love soccer and want to show it in style, this is the brand for you! Even if you don't like soccer this fitted v-neck is so cute! If you are interested in ordering a shirt, Leave a comment and I will give you more information. This shirt is around $18.

So, I got this adorable, feather headband as a gift. My friend went to Mexico city on vacation and brought it for me. I've been looking for some cute headbands lately, so I'm glad she got me this one. You can find cute headbands like these at icing, urban outfitter, target, etc.

So, I picked this over-sized, pink, polka dot ring at Buffalo Exchange. It was $7.50 and there were a bunch of different prints such as cheetah and plaid. When I saw this ring it reminded me of ilyjessicaomg (check out her blogpsot http://ilyjessicaomg.blogspot.com/ ) and I'm a huge fan of hers so she inspired me to get this ring. I think it is so cute.

So, I got this purse from Buffalo Exchange. When I saw it I knew I HAD to get it. It was only $15 and there were two of them so I'm assuming it will be at most Buffalo Exchanges. Studs are huge right now in fashion. Also, long chain purses are popular accessories.


  1. LOVE the ring! I have a similar one but its just plain silver.


  2. That headband is gorgeous! Thanks for dropping by, I'm following you ladies now.

    I've heard people saying they love the warm palette too but I was just not feelin' it.. the metal mania palette on the other hand: love, love, love!


  3. Cute bow ring..

    Thanks for commenting my blog dear..come and follow my blog..I follow your blog..^_^..


  4. Cute shirt! You run L.A - hahaha. FUnny. And I love the studded bag. Good for day and night!

  5. Thank you for you comment, and I am following you ladies now:)


  6. I love the ring! :) It's so huge and perfect

  7. love this post!

    I am new to blogger and I am following you now :P

  8. Than ks for the comments mamas! Oooh I have a purse just like that, and I love the ring. I love bows! As u can see from my blog. haha.
    Go back to my blog and please subscribe. Labelfreak.blogspot.com

    I am subscribing! :-)

  9. I love the purse! :) thnx for commenting on my blog, I'm a follower of yours now..
    And I see you live in Calefornia, I'll maybe see you in 4 years then :D x

  10. I think the bag is amazing! Ooo that and pink ring is just too cute!


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