Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Westminster Mall Haul

So, when I got my Seventeen magazine in the mail, there was an ad for a free v-neck tee from Aeropostle! When I went to the store they automatically pointed me in the direction of the free v-necks. The colors that they had were navy blue, pink, white, light blue, tye-die warm colors, tye-die cool colors, and a couple others. I, of course, picked pink! The material is a little thin and see-thru. You would need to wear a tank top under. Originally it's around $18 so, it's great to get it for free!

We went to Wetseal and got this grey racerback top. It has a purple and metallic silver flower design on it. It's super cute for spring! Tuck it into a skirt or wear it with a pair of jeans. This top was around $14.

There was a new store in the mall, I don't remember the name but it was like Tokyo something. Anyways they have all this stuff inside that you would find in Japan and I came across this Hello Kitty Backpack(LOVE). They have the same ones at Hot Topic for around $25 and I bought this one for around $15! The one at Hot Topic kept eying me but, I didn't want to spend the money on it because there is barely any storage space inside to fit ANYTHING! So, when I saw it in this store for cheaper I had to get it! Since I have a pass to Disneyland, I like to just carry like a water bottle, some money, my pass, and a little snack. So this is perfect!

This lotion is my all time favorite lotion! It is SO moisturizing! It has Monoi oil in it, which makes it so moisturizing and it lasts! I love it. But to top it all off, it smells amazing! It is so heavenly! Everytime I wear it I get complimented on the smell. If you are into that island smell (coconut and tiare flowers) then this is for you! for this 2 fl oz. bottle it was $6. But, you can get a large one for $15. I like the small one to carry in my purse.

So, I went into Victoria's Secret and saw this airbrush instant bronzer. As much as I love laying out, I know that it is REALLY bad for me! So, I'm trying to step back a little from it. I thought this would be great to tryout. I'll do a review soon! You can find this at Victoria's Secret for $12.

So, I picked up these cute flower flats for about $16 at a store called Steppin' Out in the mall. The store has such a wide selection of shoes, sandals, boots, and heels. I thought that they were so perfect for spring! Pair these flats with a cute skirt and a flowery cardigan! I love spring style!


  1. i'll have to try out that tahiti sweetie body lotion, i love island-y smells :) nice haul!

  2. aww I love the hellokitty backpack! I want one too! :DD
    thanks for you lovely comment! I follow you! Follow me back! :D

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    Your blog is so cute! Didn't get to read everything but really liked what I read so far.

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  4. Thanks for your nice comment :) Lovely blog ^^

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog =).. I've been wanting to try that Beach Sexy! I'm looking forward to your review.. By the way, I live in Boston, but I'm originally from OC. It's funny, when I popped over here to read your blog and read "Westminster Mall Haul" it brought back memories of high school, I used to shop there all the time! Back when DSW was still Edwards Cinema =). I'm gonna subscribe to you, you remind me of me when I was your age (10 years ago =( lol )..

  6. The free tanks are awesome! and I love these shoese too.

  7. Love the flats! Thanks for stopping by my blog =)


  8. Very cute flats! I'm looking for some white flats myself. =] Thanks for the comment on my blog.

  9. Hi dolls,
    thanks for the sweet comment. I too love Tahiti lotion! Smells amazing! Following you now too xoxo

  10. thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!!
    your blog is simply darling.
    great posts!!!

    love the white flats!
    that grey racerback top would look great with them! i shop at wetseal myself too!

    keep up the good work!
    Ali Skye
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