Friday, March 26, 2010

Mac Pigment Samples

So I heard about this website called the beauty sampler and basically they sell LEGIT MAC pigment samples, MAC glitter samples etc. They are 1/4 of a tsp. and they come in little plastic containers with the name of the pigment on the bottom. The MAC pigment samples are $2.49 each so, I picked out Grape, Pink Pearl, Shimmertime, and Museum Bronze. Here are some swatches and more pics...

So, the first is Grape and as much as I love the color purple it's not my favorite. It is definitely a great color but it's not something i would wear everyday and that's the only reason it's not my favorite. The next is Pink Pearl and this pigment is really great for those girly girls out there. It actually shimmers blue-ish which is really different but I love it. Next is Shimmertime (One of my favorites) and it's a great highlight. Highlights are put on the brow bone and inner tear ducts of the eye. It makes your eyes POP and gives that little twinkle in your eye. Now, for Museum Bronze I wasn't really THAT excited. I wanted a brown because that's like the ultimate neutral color that I can wear often and looking at the color in the container made it look really gross. But, once I sampled it I was so pleased with the outcome of it! I loved it! It really is an amazing pigment and i'm so happy i got it!




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  1. i sell pigments aswell for 2.00


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