Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Forever 21 and more Haul

So, first I picked out this romper and I am absolutely in love with it! It's so cute to throw over a bathing suit or you can wear some cute sandals and jewelery and take it to the mall! This was $14.90 at forever21!

I got this dress in two colors. The first is a coral and the other is a medium grey with white stripes. The dressese were $14.90 each. They both came with this brown belt but I bought a white belt to go with the grey dress and it was $3.50 at forever21 as well. Coral is such a great color for spring! I can't wait to wear both of these dresses! With some cute brown wedges or some flat white strappy sandals! I'm so happy the weather has been warm these past few days!

This romper is sooo adorable! It's a dark purple with black and gold round little buttons. It's is cinched at the waist but it would look so cute with a black belt! You can definitely dress this up with some black pumps and some gold bangles. The material is so silky. 100% rayon. I can't wait to wear this outfit! It also came in a royal blue and black too. This romper was $14.50 @ Forever21!

Next I bought these 3 scarfs. I have been so into scarfs lately! they are sooo cute! The first one (purple to the left) was from a store called G-stage in my outdoor mall. It's by Disneyland! The seconds one (cream with purple flowers center) was from charlotte russe. Teh third one (cream with yellow flowers left) was from wet seal. They all were between $8-$12. I've been wearing all of them lately and i love the flowery prints thay they all have on them. PERFECT for spring!

So, I hope you guys liked this quick haul! I'll hopefully be shopping again soon! I'll be doing a couple of makeup reviews soon as well! So keep an eye out for those!
-The Twins

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  1. I really like the grey dress! It's kind of hard finding stuff in Forever 21 though when you know exactly what you want. lol


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